dnd, d&d dungeons and dragons
Ogród Górskiego Wiatru    Wiatrogród
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dnd, d&d dungeons and dragons
Strona Główna ˇ Artykuły ˇ OGRÓD GÓRSKIEGO WIATRU ˇ Galeria ˇ Kontakt ˇ Dojazd ˇ Mapa dojazdu ˇ ˇ Wyprawy ˇ Występy Wystawy ˇ Huculszczyzna ˇ Mongolia ˇ Stragan ˇ ENGLISH VERSION
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dnd, d&d dungeons and dragons
Strona Główna
Droszków w Górach Złotych
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dnd, d&d dungeons and dragons
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dnd, d&d dungeons and dragons
The Garden of Mountain Wind is a free and independent territory
Here you can experience artists’ works as well as discover other nations’ culture, by listening to concerts & lectures, seeing performances & exhibitions as well as taking part in workshops. It is where you can truly talk to people – or to yourself, in search of your own path and spiritual development.
The Garden of Mountain Wind was founded in July 1989 by Leszek Bragiel on the meadows of the Krowia Mountain (the Cow Mountain) in the range of the Golden Mountains, in the village of Jesionow (also known as Orlowiec), close by the Polish - Czech border.
Performances Exhibitions
In the Gallery section you will find some photos taken during the performances and exhibitions in the Garden. This archive is being updated all the time.
The Garden of Mountain Wind, being just a little wooden house on a patch of meadow on the slope of the Krowia Mountain in the Golden Mountains, near the Polish-Czech border, hosts a range of artistic events.
In a way, they defy today’s rules of presenting works of art in concert halls, on the stage or in city galleries, as such locations often distort any message, while the physical space surrounding the event or sound background make it difficult for the audience to fully experience the performance.
In fact, an important part of any artistic event in the Garden is the very journey, a truly long one, that each and every artist and guest have to cover to get here. If you take up this route, you may leave your own world to find yourself open to some new experiences.
This is especially true with the works of art originating in the ancient times, since originally such works were performed in venues similar to that of the Garden. The artists usually perform outdoors, amid the mountains, woods and meadows, often by a bonfire.
The performances are followed by long discussions involving both the artists and the members of the audience, accompanied by tea.
Despite the technical issues and inconveniences of performing – and experiencing – art in this special venue, its genius loci is the essential part of the whole event.
Why not perform in the the Garden of Mountain Wind?
From 1998 to 2009, the Garden of Mountain Wind was the venue for 48 various artistic events.
What follows is a list of the artistic events that took place in the Garden.
We will also help you organize concerts, performances, exhibitions or other cultural events outside the Garden of Mountain Wind.
The performers invited to the Garden of Mountain Wind have appeared on multiple stages, in galleries and during festivals, conducted workshops and given lectures throughout Poland.
Undertaking such activities is how the Garden would like to help build the awareness and promote the true image of our world.
If you are interested in the Garden’s activities, feel free to contact Leszek Bragiel (see the Contact section).
The Garden of Mountain Wind organizes the performances of bands from Ukraine (e.g. the Hutsul band ‘Tscheremosh’ – see the Hutsulshchyna section), Mongolia (see the Mongolia section), Belarus, etc.
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dnd, d&d dungeons and dragons
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dnd, d&d dungeons and dragons
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